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A respected industry publication for ILTA members, this monthly newsletter highlights legislative and regulatory activities affecting terminal facilities. It also provides news on recent business development within the terminal industry, including new construction, expansions, acquisitions and additions to ILTA's membership, as well as important information about ILTA's committee meetings, conferences and training events. ILTA also offers ILTA News Plus to members. This publication, sent on weeks that ILTA News is not published, aggregates industry and member news.

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ILTA Thrilled to Announce Opening Keynote Speaker Jason Dorsey: Generations and Behavioral Researcher and Speaker

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ILTA is thrilled to announce our opening keynote for the 2023 Annual Operating Conference and Trade Show in Houston May 22-24, 2023: Generation Z expert and acclaimed generations researcher Jason Dorsey shares new insights and groundbreaking research about Gen Z on national TV. Jason is President of The Center for Generational Kinetics, the leading Gen Z and generations research, speaking, and consulting firm. Jason has worked with over 700 clients around the world, including every major industry.

ILTA Annual Membership Meeting Caps Another Fantastic Year

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ILTA held its annual membership meeting on November 3, 2022, in West Virginia and over Zoom. The day's discussion covered the organization's successful operating conference & trade show, ILTA's financial health, membership services with a demo of the new community platform Breezio and the voting in of the 2023 Board of Directors. Tim Winters of Sprague Operating Resources, LLC was elected by the membership to become the Board Chairman as Bernt Netland of Intercontinental Terminals Company moved to Chairman Emeritus. ILTA thanks Mr. Winters for his dutiful oversight during the 2022 year and is excited to work with the new Board in 2023. 

ILTA Submits Comments on EPA Risk Management Program Update

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On August 31, 2022, EPA issued a proposed rule to amend the EPA Risk Management Program ("EPA RMP" or "RMP"). EPA sought to update the correlating safety program to the OSHA PSM rule, and the two programs work together to mitigate and reduce risk.

EPA is proposing to amend its RMP to include several critical changes. EPA is proposing changes to address accident prevention program requirements, enhancements to the emergency preparedness requirements, increased public availability of chemical hazard information, and several other changes to specific regulatory definitions or points of clarification. These proposed amendments seek to improve chemical process safety; assist in planning, preparedness, and responding to RMP-reportable accidents; and improve public awareness of chemical hazards at regulated sources.

ILTA Supports Legislation to Assure TWIC Reader Rule Delay

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ILTA is continuing its efforts to save terminal operators from making costly capital investments. ILTA formed a working group to prepare comments supporting the USCG's delay when published in the Federal Register. Additionally, ILTA is joining other industry associations to seek legislative changes that will officially change the TWIC Reader dates in law. The legislative language is being advanced during the conference negotiations on the National Defense Authorization Act of 2022 (NDAA). The NDAA is likely to be passed in the lame-duck session after the November elections. ILTA will continue its advocacy efforts to save terminal operators from making unnecessary capital expenditures.

ILTA Group Reviews OSHA Efforts on Process Safety Management Program

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ILTA has offered to serve as a resource to OSHA as it considers revisions to the PSM standard, which has not been updated since 1992.   ILTA formed a working group to provide member insights and guidance about the OSHA PSM (and the EPA Risk Management Program, see also the article following). The working group met and discussed ILTA's members interests in the two safety programs. The consensus from the group was to offer ILTA insights and guidance to help shape any prospective OSHA-proposed rule that would impact ILTA members. ILTA continues to remain engaged in the OSHA PSM process and will look to work with the working group and other ILTA members.