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A respected industry publication for ILTA members, this monthly newsletter highlights legislative and regulatory activities affecting terminal facilities. It also provides news on recent business development within the terminal industry, including new construction, expansions, acquisitions and additions to ILTA's membership, as well as important information about ILTA's committee meetings, conferences and training events. ILTA also offers ILTA News Plus to members. This publication, sent on weeks that ILTA News is not published, aggregates industry and member news.

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ILTA Gearing Up for Fall EHSS Meeting

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ILTA will host its next Environment, Health & Safety and Security Committee Meeting August 30-September 2 via Zoom . The EHSS meetings serve as a platform for ILTA terminal members to share with and learn from their peers as well as hear from outside experts on matters of importance to the bulk liquid storage industry.  Over the four-day event, ILTA terminal members can engage with one another on some of the most pressing issues facing the sector under the new Biden administration and the ongoing pandemic.  

CISA Launches New Resource on Ransomware Protection

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2021 has seen a notable rise in the number of targeted ransomware attacks, with experts estimating that a company would be affected by an event every eleven seconds this year. Notable incidents like the Colonial Pipeline shutdown in May, which closed the Atlantic Coast’s main artery for fuel for multiple weeks, has shined a renewed light on the importance of protecting your organization from cybercriminals. The Biden administration has already significant steps, signing an executive order on May 12 to bolster the country’s cyber defenses and issuing a formal statement on July 19 alongside the European Union, United Kingdom and NATO against the People’s Republic of China over Beijing’s behavior in cyberspace.

ILTA Developing Robust Schedule for December 2021 TOPS

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ILTA’s annual Terminal Operating Practices Symposium is back and better than ever in 2021! Every year, ILTA hosts TOPS, an educational series designed to provide terminal operators a forum to exchange lessons learned from facility incidents and near hits while discussing effective operating practices with their peers.  This year’s event will be held in-person December 6 in Houston, TX