ILTA Member Feature: Meridith Wilson, Buckeye Partners
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ILTA Member Feature: Meridith Wilson, Buckeye Partners
Kathryn Clay
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ILTA Member Feature: Meridith Wilson, Buckeye Partners

Meridith Wilson, Vice President, Sustainability for Buckeye, has spent her career in the oil and gas industry, including having touchpoints with terminal operations as part of oil and gas midstream operations.

In her current role, Wilson enjoys many aspects of her job, but especially the interactions she has with the various functions across the organization in evaluating climate-change risks and opportunities.

“A close second would be simply supporting and watching Buckeye’s business strategy unfold,” Wilson said. “I’m excited about what the future holds for us at Buckeye.”

Over the course of her career, Wilson has seen a variety of constant changes, emphasizing that the industry is always evolving, whether it’s changes in technology, policy changes, or market conditions that spur different business strategies.

“We have had great problem-solving changes to reduce risks to protect people and the environment,” Wilson said, adding that another significant change she witnessed was increased diversity and inclusion. “When I started in the industry, I was a part of a lot of ‘firsts’ for my employer; ‘first’ to work internationally, ‘first’ to lead a project, or ‘first’ to hold a particular title.”

And while Wilson is proud of those accomplishments and grateful for the company, mentors and coworkers supporting her in accomplishing those ‘firsts,’ she shares that it’s not always easy.

“I love seeing more diversity and inclusion in the industry,” she said. “There’s still work to be done, but it is a great and important change to witness and be a part of.”

When it comes to the future, Wilson predicts the industry will continue to evolve much like it already has.

“I think it will continue to grow and change, particularly because of the energy transition,” she said. “New and alternative energy infrastructure and services are needed, and we are needed to connect producers to consumers.”

Wilson encourages others to pursue careers in the industry.

“Something I’ve heard ILTA’s President Dr. Kathryn Clay say is that we are [paraphrased] ‘the most important industry no one knows about,’” Wilson said. “I think this is a great description of the terminaling industry. We are an industry of connections, responsible for critical infrastructure between producers and consumers for so many things, such as food and fuel that impact our daily lives.”

Because the liquid terminal industry is one worth exploring, Wilson recommends those who are just starting out on their career journey to truly listen and learn.

“Get involved in industry forums, like ILTA, to validate or challenge your way thinking or your company’s approach,” said Wilson, who initially got involved with ILTA by participating in committee meetings and now sits on the Board. “We are all here to get it right, so collaboration is helpful. Get engaged.  Particularly if you don’t have a mentor within your company or find yourself being a part of a smaller organization where you are solely responsible for a particular work product.”

Wilson explained the best part of being involved with ILTA is the learning aspect.

“Participating in ILTA creates time for learning,” she said. “Attending meetings and conferences, reading the newsletters, and meeting peers exposes us to so much learning.”

When she’s not on the job, Wilson enjoys reading both fiction and non-fiction books, in addition to domestic and international travel.

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