ILTA Meets with Terminal Members in San Antonio
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Leakhena Swett
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ILTA Meets with Terminal Members in San Antonio

ILTA President Dr. Kathryn Clay and VP of Marketing and Member Experience Leakhena Swett recently traveled to San Antonio to visit two of ILTA's terminal members, NuStar Energy and Howard Energy Terminal. Both ILTA staff members were eager to learn more about the companies' operations and have a listening session on how ILTA can better serve their members.

During the visit, Dr. Clay and Ms. Swett were warmly welcomed by the staff at both terminals, who took them on tours and shared insights into the challenges and successes of their operations. In addition, the ILTA representatives had an open and honest discussion with the members on how ILTA can be a better partner to them, listening to their feedback and suggestions.

The visit to San Antonio was an excellent opportunity for ILTA to strengthen its relationships with its members and gain insight into their challenges. By actively listening to the members, ILTA can better understand their needs and tailor its services to better support them. Dr. Clay and Ms. Swett expressed their gratitude to the members for their engagement and emphasized ILTA's commitment to supporting the industry.

As they departed San Antonio, Dr. Clay and Ms. Swett felt energized and motivated by the trip. They recognized that their representation of the members was making a significant impact. They looked forward to the future, eager to continue their work and strengthen relationships with their members. ILTA remains committed to providing value to its members and creating a community of like-minded professionals who can work together to overcome industry challenges.

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