Member Feature: Byrne D. Evans
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Member Feature: Byrne D. Evans
Kathryn Clay
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Member Feature: Byrne D. Evans





When a friend asked Byrne Evans if he wanted to join him to work at International-Matex Tank Terminals’ (IMTT) St. Rose Terminal one summer, Evans jumped right on in. After his initial experience, Evans extended that summer job into what has become a full-time career, today working as EHSS Director – Northeast Region for IMTT.

“I really enjoy getting out into the field and talking with the employees of our company,” Evans said. “We have some great people that work with us and getting to go to all our locations and meeting them is a great perk of my job. I often have to deliver training on various environmental and safety topics and I really enjoy coming up with way to make the training interacting and valuable.”

Evans notes the shift in the industry’s environmental and safety culture over the last 10-15 years and says it has been incredible to see.

“Although the industry has always been focused on employee safety and environmental stewardship, it has now become a condition of operating,” Evans explained. “It’s impressive to see what companies are willing to do to eliminate the risk to their employees and the environment.”

In the coming years ahead, Evans predicts further evolution will take place.

“We have already seen the push for our industry to become more environmentally responsible and this means the product we store, as well,” he said. “I think we will continue to see a shift in the types of liquids we store, with more environmentally friendly products making up a larger percentage of what we handle. I also think we will continue to see more creative way to reduce air emissions from our operations.”

When it comes to advice for someone just starting out in the industry, Evans emphasizes the importance of learning as many different jobs as possible.

“I started my career with IMTT in our maintenance department and eventually moved into operations,” he explained. “That experience allowed me a different prospective when I was able to get a position in the Environmental, Health, Safety and Security department.”

Evans shared more about his own personal experience and why he’d encourage young people to pursue a liquid terminals career.

“My career at IMTT allowed me to develop experience a number of different fields,” Evans said. “I started my career in maintenance learning how to repair and maintain the equipment we use. I moved into operations and learned how to safely handle liquids.”

He was then able to transition into a position in IMTT’s corporate office helping with the risk and insurance department before eventually transitioning into EHS&S.

“This is what is great about a liquid terminal company—it allows you opportunities in so many different fields.”

Evans has been participating in the ILTA EH&S Committee meetings for more than 10 years and has found several benefits from being involved.

“The networking and connections made with colleagues from other companies is what I enjoy the most,” he said. “The connections and friendships I’ve made at these meetings have no doubt helped my career at IMTT.”

Outside of the workplace, Evans has participated and served on the board for the Men’s Club for his church parish, something he notes has been a great way for him to meet people outside of work and in the community.

“The club organizes and participates in several events raising money for our church parish and our elementary school, all while having a good time in the process,” he said. “I have two kids and attending their school activities and sporting events is my main hobby. On the rare occasion there is a free weekend, I enjoy getting out on the boat and doing some fishing.”


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