Re-Gen Robotics exports its smarter and faster tank cleaning services to the US
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Kathryn Clay
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Re-Gen Robotics exports its smarter and faster tank cleaning services to the US


Publication: ILTA Business View Magazine

Date: 29th August 2022


Re-Gen Robotics exports its smarter and faster tank cleaning services to the US


Following a successful exhibition at the International Liquid Terminals Association conference and trade show in Houston, Texas in May and a round of exploratory talks with their European clients’ US counterparts, Fintan Duffy, Managing Director of Re-Gen Robotics says that his company is committed to growing their market share here.


He said: “Re-Gen Robotics is spearheading the revolution in tank cleaning globally and our collective experience in robotic equipment design and delivering an award-winning service, is what is propelling us far ahead of our competition.”


The company’s unparalleled technology and service is being used as a benchmark by competitors, and Mr. Duffy says: “What we can offer clients is a truly reimagined product and service that makes tank cleaning inconceivably faster and smarter than anything that has gone before. We have quickly built a major position in the mainstream tank cleaning sector in Europe as it in turn, makes a seismic shift in attitude towards safety.


“In order to maximise the value if our tank cleaning services for a facility owner, our bespoke solutions focus on minimising project costs, downtime, risk and residual waste. Any size of tank can be cleaned including complex, high volume projects and if a client needs a quick turnaround then we can put two robots into the tank.


“Our experience encompasses every tank design and type of material; crude, petrochemical, back oil and white oil and commonly we are engaged to finish projects where other tank cleaning service providers have failed.


 “Our clients also welcome our absolute commitment to no man entry and having a resolute focus on customers’ requirements – giving them the most cost effective, risk free service through in-depth research and analysis of their needs.


“The service we provide from start to finish is straightforward and completely transparent. Any challenges that arise are dealt with swiftly, with full transparency and with the appreciation that the efficiency of the clean is critical to planning schedules so that the tanks can be brought back into operation within agreed timeframes.”


The speed, openness and competence of Re-Gen Robotics’ team has been the cornerstone of their success, multiple industry awards, their 100% client retention rate and attaining the highest levels of customer satisfaction.


Mr Duffy says: “Our self-contained system includes vacuum, jetting, cranage, and robotics, with nothing extra to hire or buy, simplifying the entire tank cleaning process. Productivity is enhanced and tanks are brought into operation again more quickly.”


On average cleans are 40 to 80 per cent faster than a manned crew. A white oil tank which would ordinarily take an eight-person team, eight days to clean can now be cleaned in 2.5 days, reducing 280 manhours of CSE to zero hours.


The market has been redefined and is waking up to the capabilities of Re-Gen Robotics’ new technology and service at it builds a major position in the mainstream tank cleaning sector.


At no time during their cleaning process is there a need for human presence in a tank. The operator remains in a Zone 1 control unit where activity is scrutinised through a series of ATEX cameras and gas monitoring equipment fixed to the robot.


The entire tank cleaning operation is recorded on CCTV from the ATEX cameras and is made available to clients upon completion of the works. A record of gas detection readings is also issued on completion of each vessel cleaning, produced by the onboard gas monitoring equipment. This gives them a vital insight into the progress of the clean, energy consumption and waste generation.


Mr Duffy adds; “We employ a robust process for measuring, managing and continuously improving our systems. The feedback gained during and after every tank clean is invaluable and it helps us to refine our service. We gain critical insights from clients and by working together we can create a bespoke version of our service, for every tank.


“The lessons learned are captured and taken back to our Business and R&D Departments and are regarded as an opportunity for sharing and learning lessons for improvement.”


The company’s tried and tested performance goes far beyond industry requirements, and their good industry practice and prudence is derived from operational experience that no other company can boast.


Since 2019, Re-Gen Robotics has made £7 million investment across all key areas of their service and are investing further this year to accommodate significant international growth.


Mr Duffy says that he is already seeing the results of the growth plan they put in place in 2021 and by continually investing in innovation and NPD, their business remains best in class.


The company is introducing several new patents this year, that will allow them to carry out more diverse tasks remotely and plans are in place to develop existing robotic equipment further to accommodate green fuel storage.


Settling into their recently completed state of the art HQ, the team operates from a hi-tech engineering and robotics hub that been designed to house the company’s research and development facility with bays installed to service their increasing number of robots and tankers.


Staffing levels at the company have grown again this year and Mr Duffy says: “We are constantly improving our products and service and growing aggressively within our sector. We’ve recently taken on two major new cleaning contracts and are front runners in a tender to tackle one of the largest crude oil tanks in Europe.


“We have spent the last three years getting ourselves ready to roll out our tank cleaning service and technology to customers across the globe and look forward to shaping the future of safe and efficient tank cleaning in the US.”







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