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ILTA Safety Survey & Recognition Program

Each year, ILTA collects safety data from its terminal member companies, based on OSHA form 300A. The information is included in ILTA’s annual survey of terminal member injury and illness data. ILTA presents its findings in a report issued to participating companies and facilities for their use in benchmarking and continued safety awareness. Additionally, terminal companies that exhibit exemplary safety performance are recognized during ILTA’s Conference and Trade Show. 

This application should be completed in its entirety once for your company, at the corporate level. Written responses to each question should not exceed one page in length, although they may be supported with attachments, as appropriate. ILTA may use the information gathered through this application to communicate best practices to other companies in the industry.

Award applications must be submitted electronically to by Friday, April 22, 2022.  

Note: The cutoff TRIR rate for the Safety Excellence Award is 0.75 or less in the reporting year. The cutoff TRIR rate for the Platinum Safety Award is 0.5 or less in the reporting year. ILTA is asking all participating companies to determine for themselves if they are eligible for either award based on their survey report to help expedite this process.

Beginning this year, applicants for the Platinum Award must also submit at least one (1) proposal for the ILTA Terminal Operations Practices Symposium.  The proposal does not need to be selected for eligibility for the Platinum Award but must be received by April 22, 2022.   

Platinum Safety Award

Companies that participated in the safety survey may also submit a Platinum Award Application. The corporate-level application draws out the key facts about a company’s safety culture, including management commitment, active employee participation, safety training, hazard identification and control, and safety program innovation. To qualify for a Platinum Award, companies must complete the questionnaire and meet certain safety criteria. Two companies are presented with this prestigious award each year.

Safety Excellence Award

The Safety Excellence Award recognizes companies that show an average total recordable incident rate (TRIR) of 0.75 or less in the reporting year.  The Safety Improvement Award is given to companies that show consistent trend line improvement over three years. Companies must demonstrate an improvement in the average employee total recordable incident rate (TRIR).

Please click here to view the 2020 ILTA Terminal Employee Safety Survey Report.

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